CPD Management for Associations

PowerHouse Upskill features a complete CPD Management Platform for associations and professional bodies. The platform automates how you publish and/or import partner courses, conduct CPD events and host CPD webinars.

The PowerHouse CPD Platform promotes your program to your members and features self-registration and integrated e-Commerce payment gateways to manage CPD registration. 

Deliver a first class professional CPD program customised for your members.

Publishing, promotion, registration, payment & reporting on your CPD Program.

Personal CPD Portals for Members

Develop organisational agility with role-based and project-based mobility.

CPD Courses: Publish or Import Partner Content

Access current talent pipelines for all positions in your organisation chart.

Publish CPD Events and Webinars

Deliver compelling career pathways to improve talent growth and retention.

Integrated e-Commerce CPD Business Model

Recognising internal talent for recruitment, accelerates hiring and productivity.


Promotion & registration of your CPD Program.

The PowerHouse CPD Platform features an integrated branded website portal that is linked to your member website. The portal offers member login, non-member self-registration and the marketing of your CPD courses, events and webinars.

Publish your own courses or offer partner courses in the CPD Course Catalogue. Assign CPD points, hours or units to each course and assign a cost to each course. 

Manage your CPD conferences and workshop events on the platform. Create a new event, add venues, presenters, attendee limits, CPD points and the fee for event registration.

Host your CPD Webinars with integration of Zoom, Teams and GoToMeeting applications into the platform. Add the new webinar, provide a description, add CPD points, attendance fee and promote.

The CPD Platform is also muti-tenanted. This gives associations the ability to publish a CPD Group for each employer member. The employer can then deliver your CPD to their staff for a fee and it is all managed on your platform.


Management of your CPD Courses

The PowerHouse CPD Platform features a Content Builder for you to build unlimited online courses. Your courses feature a series of pages with text, images, video, animation, surveys and assessment. CPD hours are attached and a fee can be added when publishing the course in your CPD Course Catalogue.  

The CPD Platform is SCORM compliant to allow you to import partner SCORM courses into the Content Publisher. These courses can also be updated with CPD points, CPD certificates and access fees when you members subscribe to the course.

The platform is also xAPI compliant. This allows you to connect with partner course libraries in the cloud and offer these courses to your members where all completion data writes to the portal.


Management of your CPD Events

With the PowerHouse CPD Platform, you can offer CPD conferences, workshops and face-to-face training sessions. The platform manages all aspects of your CPD events. The tools allow you to add:

The platform tracks attendance, issues invoices and receipts and writes completed events to the CPD Activity Records. 

CPD Webinar


Management of your CPD Webinars

The PowerHouse CPD Platform provides centralised management of your CPD webinars and seminars. 

The platform offers full integration via the App Marketplace with the GoToMeeting, Zoom and Microsoft Teams applications. 

Managing your CPD webinars is so easy. Add new webinar, set the date and times, provide a description, date and time of the webinar, upload a marketing image, assign a certificate, add contact details, link to webinar category, add CPD points and a subscription fee to attend. 

After the webinar is completed, all registered users receive personalised certificates and the CPD points are added to their Training Record. Admin can run reports on courses, events & webinars.


CPD Workforce Wallets and Digital Profiles

The PowerHouse CPD Platform publishes dynamic digital profiles, CPD Training Records and Workforce Wallets for all members.

The PowerHouse CPD Training Record stores the details of all completed CPD courses, events & webinars in a chronological order. It provides the date, events details and CPD points awarded for each activity.

The CPD Training Record also manages the import and compilation of all external CPD sessions. The member adds the date and details of the event and uploads evidence of completion that can be verified by your managers.

The Workforce Wallet features CPD Tracking with annual targets, end dates, progress and an overarching percentage monitoring of of the current CPD status. 

cpd dashboard2


CPD Training Dashboards for your Members

The PowerHouse CPD Platform publishes personalised CPD Training Dashboards for your members. The dashboard simplifies CPD completion by presenting assigned courses, events and webinars and allowing the member to select training that interests them.

The CPD Training Dashboard features the following: 

Your administrators and managers can view member CPD dashboards or generate an extensive range to track all CPD activity and revenue. The reports also provide data on the CPD assigned to your job roles and member groups.


Employer CPD groups and CPD reporting

The PowerHouse CPD Platform offers the flexibility for associations to extend their CPD membership to employers in their sector. The platform builds groups for your employers where you can assign courses, events and webinars.

The Employer Group features their own logo and the manager of each group can purchase licenses for their staff and assign them the CPD training material.

The employees have personal dashboards, certificates & can access selected training online to complete CPD programs.

Your administrators can run reports on all areas of your CPD activity and you have the ability top build and save your own reports on the platform. 



Extend your CPD Program with a Talent Marketplace

Industry associations can leverage their member network by offering a sector-based Talent Marketplace with a set of Talent Community Partners.

The association’s Talent Marketplace can feature Talent Communities of pre-screened candidates from their partner universities, training organisations and recruiters.

Your Talent Communities will feature all job roles in your sector and any candidates that is interested in career pathways can register in these Talent Communities and build  digital profiles and Workforce Wallets. Your employers can login to the Marketplace for free and find matched and ranked candidates instantly.

When one of your employers hires a candidate from your Talent Marketplace, your association will share the revenue on the placement fee that creates a new significant revenue stream.

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