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Manage a skilled and compliant workforce

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform is purpose built for the mining & resources sector with smart recruitment, automated onboarding & streamlined workforce compliance & upskilling.

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End-to-end contractor management for the sector.

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform help mining and resources companies with a complete workforce solution. We assist in finding your employees and contractors and offer streamlined onboarding and site induction.

We create a compliance and skilling profile for your workers that stores all certificates, licenses and verified skill data. Our system manages expiry dates and sends alerts to workers & managers.

You can recruit and hire your own contractors or use our contingent workforce solution with integrated payroll and billing.
mining & resources workforce software

Let us help in sourcing your contractors and employees.

PowerHouse Recruit is key product in the platform that can be licensed to help you source new employees and contractors with Private Talent Pools and candidate pre-screening.


Use your Private Talent Pools to pre-screen and pro-actively build future talent sources. Subscribe to our Public Talent Pools to use our recruiters, traineeship providers and universities to find workers.


Use our recruitment software to post your jobs to your job boards, your private talent pools and our public pools. All candidates are pre-screened and our AI and parsing tech auto-read and rank CVs to show all applicants from all talent sources in one screen.

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Employee and contractor Onboarding.

PowerHouse Hub has extensive experience in the mining and resources sector and service the world’s leading mining and resources companies with our workforce onboarding software.  


Contractors and permanent staff can register and login to your branded portal to complete their site based compliance and induction. You can collect their details, collect licenses and compliance files, sign contracts, deliver police and work visa checks and complete your safety screening process.


Workers are sent their verified profile with dated certificates that can be displayed to your managers or integrated with proximity or contractor rostering and identify software. The software can also register your contracting companies and link your contractors to their employer.  

mining & resources workforce software

Managing and automating workforce compliance.

The PowerHouse Compliance product delivers a comprehensive management solution for mining and resources companies. Compliance occurs during all stages of the worker’s lifecycle.

When recruiting your workforce, you can create a job role framework in the software and assign the compliance and credential elements that relate to the role. By assigning this job role to your job post, all applicants receive an automated email with a link to their pre-screen workflow when they start uploading the required files.

During the onboard workflow, all additional compliance files (i.e. licenses, safety clearance, background checks) are uploaded with expiry dates which are tracked in real-time. Managers can monitor onboarding workflows from their phones and notified when a worker is job ready or when a compliance file is scheduled to expire.
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Upskilling your employees and contractors.

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform delivers the capability to upskill your employers and contractors and verify these skills.


Create a job role and assign self-assessed skills, training skills and skill evidence uploads to the role. By assigning the job role to one of your job posts, you can ask candidates to complete a skill profile assessment and these skills can be verified through the onboarding process.


Skills can be tagged to our courses, events and webinars to allow you to implement role-based or site-based training programs and a worker’s skill profile is monitored with real-time skills gap analysis reports published for managers to review. 

mining & resources workforce software

Contingent workforce payroll and billing.

Mining and resource companies license the Powerhouse Workforce Platform to manage the entire lifecycle of a worker or as a modular solution to integrate with their existing technology stack.


As part of our end-to-end solution we offer a contingent workforce solution where we manage the payroll and billing for your contractors.


Let us know your exact contractor requirements and we deliver a managed solution where our team source and deliver work ready talent for your business.    


The PowerHouse Workforce Platform has been optimised for the mining and resources sector and we have 10 year experience in implementing world-class platforms to manage your workforce from sourcing to compliance and upskilling. We also provide contingent workforce solutions to control vendor costs and mitigate contingent workforce risks. This includes labour law compliance.


Benefits and Features

Powerful and innovative feature set designed to transform the way you manage your workforce

Analytics & Reporting

Real-time job role analytics with skills-gap-analysis, compliance level and retention scores

Talent Pools

New ways to source and deliver succession planning with pre-qualified pools of candidates.

Talent Retention

Drive retention with engaging recruitment and onboarding with upskilling for career mobility.

Smart Selection

AI recruitment with automated job match scores, dynamic talent ranking and selection.

On-Demand Talent

Search and filter pre-screened and work-ready candidates for immediate hire.

Job Role Compliance

Workforce Profiles that store real-time job role compliance data and uploaded records.

Rapid Onboarding

Customised onboarding with company content, background checks and induction programs.

Job Role Skilling

Employee workforce profiles that deliver job role upskilling programs with skills verification.

Job Ready Shields

Dynamic shields with real-time tracking of a worker’s skills and compliance job readiness.

Internal Talent Mobility

Search your team's digital profiles to drive mobility and support succession planning.

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