Rising Up To The Healthcare Challenge

Build a capable and growing workforce

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Proactive and creative solutions to attract, develop and retain the talent needed.

The health sector workforce is anticipated to increase by almost 15% over the next five years.  It is also forecast that the industry will experience major workforce shortages due to an ageing healthcare workforce and current retention challenges.


These pressures will be exacerbated by changes to workforce roles requiring an approach that will redeploy, upskill or reskill employees. Employers will also need to rethink their approach to recruitment and retention strategies, requiring access to multiple talent pools, underpinning a more flexible approach.


Meeting requirements to deliver quality care will rely on the ability to build a capable and growing workforce. PowerHouse Hub platform makes it easier to meet the challenges of the future. Reach out to our  team to find out more. 

Benefits and Features

Powerful and innovative feature set designed to transform the way you manage your workforce

Analytics & Reporting

Real-time job role analytics with skills-gap-analysis, compliance level and retention scores

Talent Pools

New ways to source and deliver succession planning with pre-qualified pools of candidates.

Talent Retention

Drive retention with engaging recruitment and onboarding with upskilling for career mobility.

Smart Selection

AI recruitment with automated job match scores, dynamic talent ranking and selection.

On-Demand Talent

Search and filter pre-screened and work-ready candidates for immediate hire.

Job Role Compliance

Workforce Profiles that store real-time job role compliance data and uploaded records.

Rapid Onboarding

Customised onboarding with company content, background checks and induction programs.

Job Role Skilling

Employee workforce profiles that deliver job role upskilling programs with skills verification.

Job Ready Shields

Dynamic shields with real-time tracking of a worker’s skills and compliance job readiness.

Internal Talent Mobility

Search your team's digital profiles to drive mobility and support succession planning.

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