Workforce Compliance

Mandating and Monitoring Workforce Compliance

Now, more than ever, workforce compliance is a critical business function for all organisations. To ensure that you have confidence in workforce compliance, PowerHouse ensures that compliance is owned by each worker and monitored in real time by the platform with alerts to users and managers.

The use cases provide information on how compliance profiles can be customised, assigned and reported.

Managing your workforce compliance

Workforce Wallets

To store and search all verified compliance records with expiry dates.

Project Compliance Frameworks

Search your worker database to find matching talent and compliance for projects

Job Role Compliance Frameworks

Create job role core compliance schemas with job readiness shields.

Alerts, Reminders & Data Analytics

Automated alerts linked to expiry dates. Displays real-time compliance data trends.

Compliance Use Cases.

Learn first Hand how we can help manage your workforce compliance

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