Po飞艇官网开奖结果查询 极速168赛车记录 开奖结果查询 Mobility & Upskill

The future of talent sourcing, profiling and mobility

Discover new ways to profile your workforce, during the sourcing, selection, onboarding and upskilling stages. Drive compliance, continuous development, job role upskilling and internal talent mobility.

New Ways to attract
and build a workforce

New Ways to find

& build a sustainable


The PowerHouse Community portal leverages a network of custom talent pools to boost a company’s talent attraction, profiling and retention strategies. 

This breakthrough product gives employers the power to source a continuous stream of pre-screened talent for their business. 

As an employer, the Talent Community enhances your current job ads, your recruitment software and your recruiters by profiling and streaming all of your candidates into one ranked talent pipeline. 

New Ways to hire workers in real-time

Talent On-Demand, a part of the PowerHouse Community and Mobility products, provides internal job posts with immediate access to ranked, pre-screened and work-ready employees and contractors. Filter by location, preferences, availability and hire instantly.

Talent On-Demand

The PowerHouse
Hub Software Suite

offers a new approach to profile and 168开奖官网计划直播 极速开奖结果赛车官网, sourcing, selection, onboarding, upskilling and job role mobility.

The Future of Talent Sourcing & Attraction

The Future of Talent Profiling and Mobility

Attract in Private Talent Pools

Find candidates in custom Talent Communities with Talent Pools, referrals and pre-screening.

Job Role Digital Profiles

Pre-screen candidates by job role and generate data on job skills, compliance.

Rapid Customised Onboarding

Create personalised onboarding flows with file uploads, background checks and inductions.

Job Role Compliance Management

Create compliance profiles and collect file uploads with expiry dates and real-time monitoring.

Find Talent in Marketplace

Join the Talent Marketplace, select your partners and let them them find your talent.

Workforce Wallet

Workforce Wallet

Candidate Skill

Candidate Skill Passports store job skill and compliance data with dynamic work readiness shields.


Personalised job role profiles with the development of skills and compliance to drive talent mobility.

Personal Workforce Wallets

Candidate Workforce Wallets that stores job skill and compliance data with work dynamic readiness shields.

Workforce Wallets for Workers

Personalised job role profiles with real-time monitoring of skill acquisition, compliance, wellness & succession plans.

Upskilling Development

Build job roles with core skills & deliver training to upskill, track performance and development.

Workforce Wallet

The Digital Profile for your Team

The Workforce Wallet is a dynamic profile that is unique for each 168官方开奖历史记录 极速赛车一分钟查询 正版官网 or worker. 

The Wallet records data from the pre-screening, job readiness and appraisal workflows and generates a skills and compliance gap analysis. 

The Wallet manages compliance & job role upskilling with real-time visual reports and alerts. The Workforce Wallet is searchable and enables your workforce to be discovered for new roles. 

Build Your Own
Talent Community

Build Your Community Network

Add Private Talent Pools

Post Jobs

View Dynamic Candidate Pipelines

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Content Marketplace


Extend Functionality with Marketplaces

The PowerHouse Marketplaces include additional plugins, services and apps to extend and customise your PowerHouse Workforce Platform. These include:

Who We Work With

Why Choose
PowerHouse 极速赛车168在线开奖官方平台 一分钟开奖结果查询 & Upskill?


Save on Recruitment & Faster Time to Hire


Savings on Resolving Retention Issues

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Deliver and Monitor Compliance  

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